YIMI Pulse Oximeter 101

Category Pulse Oximeter



the oximeter has rich menu functions including: Switch Display direction

Switch Brightness

Set Spo2 alarm limits

Set PR alarm limits

Switch sound on/off


Measurement specifications

Spo2 declared accuracy

Range(O*):70%~ 100%:2 digits

: 0%~69%: unspecified

Resolution :7 %

Spo2 Display Range:30%~99%

Spo2 Accuraey under conditions of low perfuslon:3% when piis 0.075%

PR declared accuracy

Range (O*):25~250:3 digits

Resolution:7 bpm

PR Accuracy under conditions of low perruson:3 bpm when plis 0.075%

Power Requirements

Specification of alkaline batteries:Two AAA(LR 03)

Operating current:25-S0mA

Operating mode:Spot checking

Degree of protection against hazards of explosion:IP22

Physical specifications

Width*Height*Depth:57*30*31 mm

Weight:28g(Bare machine)


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